How old are you?
I turned 21 last November.

When did you become a cam model?
As soon as I turned 18 I signed up to MyFreeCams. Being a cam model was something I wanted to do for over two years prior to turning 18.

What made you decide to become a cam model?
Everyone has their list of turn ons and kinky ideas, being seen or watched by complete strangers is one of my many. Being a cam model, I not only get to do something that I’ve always been turned on by, but I can make a living off something I enjoy as well. I grew up extremely shy, and I still am for the most part besides being able to go on cam in front of thousands of strangers, but being a cam model has allowed me to slowly get out of my shell and be more actively social. It has allowed me to discover myself at a quicker pace than what would have normally been if I had not become one.

Are you into girls?
Yes :3

Planning on camming with any in the future?
I did, and have, but as of right now not anymore, especially after all my experiences. Many of you may know about them already. Maybe soon I’ll write about it as a blog post :).

Have you ever been with a girl?
Not sure if 3 weeks counts.

Where were you born?
I was born in Quebec.

Where do you live now?
I recently moved to New York City (Brooklyn to be specific) to live on my own. I did not plan on moving out this early but I was forced to for several reasons. The final straw was when my mother couldn’t accept me being bisexual, asking, “how can you like women?!”.

How did that work out for you?
I literally had to start from scratch and it took me over a month to even find an apartment to live in. I didn’t rest for a single day of the week except for Sundays meeting with and talking to DOZENS of realtors, landlords, supers, and brokers. Not having any historical documents or papers to show for income such as W2’s and tax returns at the time made it very hard to get accepted anywhere. Thankfully, with a little bit of luck and a lot of struggle and hardships, everything worked out ^_^.

I lived with a friend during that month I was looking for an apartment. The journey towards finally getting one was hectic, stressful, and was a huge test of patience and perseverance for me. I had to go to bed every night not knowing if I would ever get a place to even start from scratch before the little money I had saved up from a couple months of camming would be depleted. Without exaggerating, I was literally outside 6 days a week talking to realtors, landlords, superintendents, etc. I was finally accepted into one thanks to a kind superintendent who gave me a chance despite my lack of paperwork.

I was happy to finally be able to start camming again. I knew I had to start from nothing (no furniture, no food, no fridge, no appliances, etc.) but I was happy to at least be able to start. I still remember that the first thing I did was order internet service to be hooked up as soon as possible so that I could connect with my laptop and ended up camming the first few weeks on the bare hardwood floor which left my shins with dark spots because I bruise VERY easily. The entire decision to move out was extremely risky, but I was confident in my camming and today I am glad I made the decision.

It just really sucks that I had to leave for over a month right when my MFC sessions were becoming extremely successful. When I returned to camming after getting my apartment, I had lost out on that momentum and many of my regulars. Today I am doing well, but so far I have not reached that same level I had before I was forced to run away, at least not yet.

Why did you choose Brooklyn?
It was the only place I had the one friend who would let me stay for as long as I needed to until I could start on my own again. It was an easy decision considering Manhattan has always been my favorite city and now I get to visit it whenever I want. Plus, Brooklyn is a hell of a lot cheaper to live in than Manhattan. Still, my dream is to someday move in to a Manhattan condo. I’ve always liked the atmosphere, the scenery, the pace, and activity level of New York City.

What about immigration issues?
*update 2016* I am now a U.S. Resident! The paperwork, the lawyer fees, the meetings, everything was extremely stressful for two years so it’s like a BIG weight off my shoulder to have that settled finally.

Favorite Food?
Sushi 🙂 (there’s also gnocci in pesto, pizza, Italian in general ^-^, and desserts)

Any hobbies?
Outside of my career I am extremely passionate about cosplay.  I also watch Anime or play video games when I have nothing else to do, which never happens now a days now that I’ve given myself an even busier schedule than ever before. I don’t dislike it, I love being a cam model and entertainer. I also have a MyAnimeList account if anyone wants to check it out but I’m never active on it. I just use it to keep track of my shows.


  1. I only just happened upon your cosplay, among other things, and I’m already a huge fan! ^///^ I look forward to what you have in store for your audience, myself included~ <3

  2. Two questions:

    1. Are you still in Jersey City? Or am I confused?

    2. Do you do your own camera work/editing or do you/would you work with someone?

      • Wow. Much respect. I love your cosplay stuff on instagram. Never really seen your cam stuff but I’m sure it’s just as good. I’m sure I’m late to the game since I’ve only just discovered you but have you done any SFW cosplay photoshoots or videos?? What do you have planned to produce this year?


        If you’re ever looking for a JC based photographer/videographer/editor, do keep my in mind. I currently work for free, well for credit really. I did/do food photography and experimental film/editing. I have access to a super pro film/photo studio space in JC for very, very cheap. Parlay Studios. Check them out. Managed it for 3 years working on set for film, photo, and TV. Currently at a rental house in NYC so can definitely upgrade you from that Canon 1D. xD

        Yes I’m trying to sell myself here. Lol. But I’m sure you know the film and photo industry is a dog eat dog world and I’m just trying to get my piece out of it.

        Anyways, regardless of whether or not I get an opportunity to work with you, please never stop creating. Your fan base is epic and your work ethic and quality is an inspiration. Your story is real and I hope you find the most success in 2017!

  3. It’s nice to see you are still moving forward. The doujin is awesome by the way, but I am left wondering what is your involvement with it? Did you do the art, story or both?

    • I commissioned an artist to do the artwork. My friends Merryweather and Eightloaded did the storyboard together. Eightloaded was given the premise and story idea from me and Merryweather worked on the details of the storyboard since he’s the expert on how to best present such things (he works in that industry).

    • I’ve decided to cam on MFC from now on that’s why. I’ve also been off stream more often the past three weeks because I decided to focus more on my other projects for once (YouTube, ManyVids, etc.). In a few days I’ll be ready to get back into 4 days a week of camming again ^^

  4. Lana, you’re the best! I love watching your stream. I too am interested in camming and wanted to ask what camera you are currently using? I love how it focuses on you only and makes your beauty stand out! You are an inspiration to is girls!!!!

  5. you are super amazing! i’ve had an mfc account since 2012 but due to health problems (i was a stripper 18-24) I had to quit dancing and turned to camming so although i’ve broadcasted i’m still a baby cam girl hahaha. anyway, my website has my mfc on it. i LOVE YOUR BLOGGGGGG and overall your website and i’m jealous. i want to move to brooklyn and am ultra broke but hoping that changes since i’m camming full time. haha you’re so lucky i’m glad you worked hard and got there! i frequent your site here but i have no cam girl friends bc girls can be so much drama but if you’d like to be friends i’d love it hahaha. sorry if i’m lame.
    xo Abbie

    • First off, thank you :).

      Brooklyn is definitely one of the places to start in if you want to have a chance at finding an affordable place for the size and quality, just gotta grind through dozens (if not hundreds -_-) of landlords and apartments. A 700 sq ft can be anywhere from $1100-1600. My old one in Brooklyn was $1300 for 700 sq ft. I literally had a 5 ft by 5 ft area to film my videos in my bedroom due to all my appliances, electronics, equipment and wardrobe :(. I’m in a new place now and I more than doubled my sq ft ^-^ but it costs a lot and I plan on only staying in this one for about 3-5 years before investing in a condo somewhere nearby (that’s IF I continue to grow).

      I’m always open to meeting people in the industry and making connections/relationships but it’s always hard to keep up or connect with anyone these 3 years because I’m always busy and almost never have time for myself (averaging 2-3 hours a week of free time, because most of my OTHER “free time” I tend to use up on progressing or catching up on projects).

      I consider GoldenGoddess a very dear friend of mine and I’m really grateful she’s been very understanding about how little we talk or see each other since we’re so busy. Any friends I make will have to keep that in mind :(. It’s also why I’ll probably be single for a long ass time haha!

      – Lana

      • Girrrl, I’ve been single for many years and I plan to be for many more!!! But I’m sorry I JUST saw this. Haha. I’m sure you’re busy! Since I’ve begun seriously camming I have no time for anything! And Thank you for the reply, sorry I’m so late, I just assumed you weren’t going to.. I dunno why! But I adore you and wish you good luck! As if you need it ;D kidding, we all need it. And I was told Brooklyn by my sister who lives in Manhattan! She has no room or I’d stay with her. I’ve been searching for someone to let me stay with them and pay rent until I can get my own place. Preferably a fellow cam model and if I remember correctly that’s what you did, yes?? And you’re crazy for moving from Canada here. I have always wanted to do the opposite! Actually I’m the crazy one. Welcome (belated) to being a US citizen too! But anyway thank you for your reply. And I’ll keep supporting you! Also, I’d love to read more about your life (I’m a creeper I love writing and reading blogs) so I hope you keep updating it honey! Yeah the time/friend thing I totally get. My best friends (two of them) and I hardly talk but its known we love each other and it’s not on purpose bc we would love to talk all day if we could. But real friendships endure that (: so GoldenGoddess and you are actually a true friendship then, and its special/rare (: Sorry my message is so sloppy and all over the place. My mind is.

        lovelove, Abbie
        PS- if you ever want a short term roommate that will pay bills and has family/friends in NYC (so isn’t all dependant) just know I would totally love that! hahaha.

  6. Your story is very inspiring.

    Found you by a coincidence. And, not sure if this is a compliment, but you are quite different from others. Of course everyone cares about camscore and tippings, it’s your livelihood!! But the fact that you take the time to get to know your fans, and love what you do and not afraid to express them. Your gleefulness is contagious (>W<)

    You are quite something. Moving out by yourself to brave the world. That's one of the hardest steps in life, and you took it not by choice, yet you do with such courage.
    So eh….dang I suck at ending. Keep it up?! Best of luck? Ganbatte?! Haha(^_^)

    • Aww, thank you! That was a really inspiring and encouraging comment. I really really really really love my fans, especially those who have stayed close to me for such a long time. Since I have pretty much almost zero time outside of all my work, I’ve never really had time to make friends in my area but instead I’ve made good friends with a tightly knit circle of my supporters ^-^. And they’re all I need.

      It was really scary when I had to move out. I never really solved every single IRL problem that stemmed from that up until recently so now I’m really happy and can focus solely on my work and passion projects. Expect a bit of evolution over the next two years since I’ll be juggling more stuff than just camming and cosplay now .

  7. I saw one of your streams on chaturbate and loved it! It was cool seeing your other stuff with cosplay and things beyond your cam-girl profession. Was wondering if you were thinking of going to nycc or any cons in the area? And if so, is it awkward to ask for a picture? ^^; Thanks for the hard work you put into everything for your fans. 🙂

  8. I just wanted to point out that it’s not “gnocci in pesto”, it’s “gnocchi al pesto”
    Keep up the nice work 🙂

    • True.
      But if we’re using fully English context without using terminology or names of actual dishes, they are gnocchi, in pesto sauce, hence, “gnocci in pesto”. I wasn’t trying to call the dish that, it was descriptive use.

      Thank you for the comment ^_^.

  9. Hello Lana!
    I wanted to PM you but i can’t find your mail so i’ll post here. 😀
    A few days ago i saw your video on kin8tengoku and you were really cute so i googled your name because i was curious and that’s how i found your website haha
    What a surprise though, you are into cosplay and anime! How can you be so cool? lol it’s even better when i found out that we are the same age.
    I wanted to ask if you will do more videos with kin8tengoku or another JAV company, it seemed like you had some genuine orgasm during the video and it was awesome.
    By the way, i’m a huge anime fan too so is it possible to see your myanimelist profile? i can’t find it :p

    Have a nice day!

    • It depends. Here’s my response to someone else who said the same thing:
      But if we’re using fully English context without using terminology or names of actual dishes, they are gnocchi, in pesto sauce, hence, “gnocci in pesto”. I wasn’t trying to call the dish that, it was descriptive use.

      “Gnocci al pesto” is an Italian name for a dish, there is no “al” in English.

      Thank you for the comment ^_^.

    • Already explained, gnocci AL pesto is the actual name of the DISH, Gnocci IN pesto isn’t me giving it a term or a dish name thats literally what it is, its gnocci IN pesto sauce. This has already been explained in the other comments. There’s a dish in foreign countries with specific names but you wouldn’t necessarily call them, especially to a stranger, by their country’s given name. You’d call it something like “beef marrow soup” or whatever it is that describes it.

      For the record, I grew up Italian with an Italian family and Italian parents who speak Italian and a mom who’s obsessed with cooking and making Italian dishes.

  10. Hey, Lana…
    Tokyo Ghoul, hm? Cute, i’ll try to get you that collection, asap, just because i love it too, but what about Berserk? Why did you liked it? It’s surely on my top 3 anime, but i never felt more angry as Guts in the end of the ’97 anime, kkkk, that dude went through a total shitstorm, and what does he gets? Gf gets raped, okay then, moving on. Do you play guitar? I mean, i saw maybe a classic Fender, and my favorite, that sugar white Ephiphone Les Paul, and i thought, “damn… what a beautiful creature with a taste none other than the best.” And i mean, in everything, i gotta say, you’re one of a kind. I know that now you might be thinking that im the weirdest, but, yeah, if you knew me, you’d notice that i speak with my eyes, words can be empty, and… there are better things to do with our mouth… Like singing, i like to sing. What were you already thinking? Sex? Oral Sex? Yeah, that too, i just love it, there is no better vision than one of a woman turning their eyes back of pure pleasure.. yup, good things in life indeed.. Like you on that Asuka cosplay, hmm, your lips, your eyes, your body… its tempting… the way you look in that video, i don’t know, maybe because it was the first ones i saw, maybe, the second video i saw, and, especialy after the warm up, its a crime, you know? Many weak-hearted will fall, parish there with a big perverted smile on they’re face kkkk
    But, oh well, it’s the first here on your website, it’s amazing, a very good job, i love it, and… i don’t know, but of course you’ve already thought of it, but i’ll say it anyway, a donate button, sunshine, a donate button on the site would be good too, it’s not exagerated, i mean, the other sites with they’re sistems of tokens and even a donate button too, but, hey, this is your site, so, why not? I’d put a tip for sure. Hope you’re doing good, stay safe and don’t stress up, ok? 2/3 hour a week for yourself cannot be good, so, try to think about it, will you? Take care of thouse beautiful eyes, body, mind and soul. Im no one, but i care. (:

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