To be honest, the best way to get to know me is to get a better understanding of how I feel about everything and how I operate on a psychological level. This blog post in the following link is the best way to dive into my mind for those curious enough to read a wall of text:

Hello, first of all thank you for taking the time to read this, I go by the stage name Lana Rain (Bianca Cordisco) from Laval (Quebec). I am an entrepreneur, content creator and cosplayer. I decided to become a Cam girl as soon as I hit 18 as I’d been wanting to do for it years prior because I saw it as a fun opportunity to not only be able to do everything I wanted at once such as cosplay and Youtube but also go into an industry I thought had a lot of potential to grow not only as a business concept but to help society move forward and hopefully evolve(?) (not anytime soon, but I am thinking of the far future. I am thinking on a neurophysiological level, because after all, sex is primal.)

I pushed myself to start as soon as I could because I wanted to finally start something of my own instead of constantly just consuming things like anime and music because I wanted to escape feeling empty inside and help myself grow out of my disabilities (Social anxiety, Aspergers ect.) all while knowing I’d be able to slowly start to discover myself through doing what I love. My first Cam session ever was a complete disaster which almost made me decide to quit completely but after an entire day of contemplation I decided to try again and while the second time I barely got any tips, just the fact that I had 3 or 4 people interact with me all knowing that I was doing my best to fight my social anxiety gave me the inspiration to keep going.

By the end of the month I had about $400 which to me at the time was the most amazing feeling since I had never had an allowance (not even for lunch money). I was quickly forced to move out after 3 months because my mom found out about my camming by looking through my laptop when I was wasn’t around. She wasn’t exactly happy about it so I ran away the following day with 4 huge luggage bags all by myself to NYC. It was a really horrifying experience because I had barely traveled ever in my life let alone by myself to a completely different country. I was allowed to stay at my friend’s moms place till I got myself an apartment but that meant not being able to make an income until then because people were always around the house.

I had 10k to my name with no pay stubs, tax returns or anywhere near enough for 6 months down which meant getting a place in NYC was almost near impossible. Luckily after a month of searching and getting turned down by countless realtors, one was guy was nice enough to give me a shot at the building right next door to where I was staying. It wasn’t exactly the safest or cleanest place to live by any means but I was just happy to finally have a place of my own.

Living on my own was really scary because I had just pushed myself into a situation completely spontaneously, I didn’t have any discipline with things as simple as cleaning but now suddenly I was expected to maintain this lifestyle. I was deathly afraid of being homeless so I worked 15 hours a day. With only a couch that my friend’s mom had lent me, I would cam with no lights (Which drastically ruined my viewer count) I had no bed or basic house necessities, What made things even more nightmarish was that the place was literally crawling with roaches, I think that apartment was on the market because it was the room with the biggest roach problem in the entire building, they would cover the entire door of one my closets, I basically couldn’t own any pantry food or have plates in the cupboard. If i wasn’t so pressured to make something happen I would have been crushed by the utter nightmares I was living in.


The ceilings were also very short which made the entire thing feel more claustrophobic, finding inspiration was really hard because I thrive on the environment that I live in to be decorated, its a very personal and important part of my personality to want things to look a certain way if I occupy the space. No matter how many posters or decals I tried to put up it was always the same feeling panic and despair. What made things extra hard for me was that I actually hated how I use to look, because of the lack of readily available food in my house and my mom being a baker made it really easy to skip two meals and binge on a bunch of cookies, so I was trapped in a cycle of sweets addiction and craving because it was how I lived my entire life.

Changing my diet was really hard because I was so used not have any discipline when it came to food, if i saw it and wanted it i was scourge it down, I didn’t know anything else, almost like a survival mechanism at that point from all the starving. All of this made it really hard for me to even want to cam in the first place because the idea of selling a product I didn’t believe me killed me on the inside, Having people judge me and perceive me was not the image I wanted people to project onto me, I would avoid getting fully naked to compromise with my self-hatred. So getting up everyday and camming was really hard for me, plus on top of all of that I had zero social skills accompanied with Aspergers which made me really awkward and having nothing interesting to talk about, i would often just sit there and shyly just respond to questions. Plus not liking how I looked made it hard to try to be perfect in any other aspect of my career, but I pushed through everything with one image in mind of beautiful my life would be If i can overcome this, there was nothing there for me in Montreal so I had to succeed. I had realized very early on that ultimately cosplay was what I really wanted to do but I wasn’t going to make money off that so I had to be patient especially with absolutely no knowledge on cameras,makeup or how to add little details to perfect the outfits. I knew that I had to branch away from just being a ”camgirl” but with no experience its hard to properly visualize.

Manyvids was a breakthrough for me because I see myself more of a artistic content creator rather than an entertainer, my happiness thrived on making art.

I was finally able to put my love of cosplay into a working successful way to money plus the overall functions of the site made it a lot easier for find ways to make more money, I was finally somewhere I was somewhat in my element. I Really have to also thank them for giving me a chance because my ID was expired at the time and I couldn’t do anything to get a valid one because my immigration process wasn’t finished, which was another massive stress on mind. I paid a large sum of money to find a lawyer I knew for sure that I could trust to make this work no matter what but it wasn’t a easy decision to make because money was a struggle at the time.

How my boobs looked also was a huge deal to me because I grew up with the kind of skin that is way to malleable and soft that it couldn’t support the weight of how boobs were supposed look, so I got surgery done early on. However the surgeon had told me that my boobs were actually naturally to high so she had to preform a really complicated surgery where she had to stretch out skin to add volume there which she apparently was not qualified to do because I had complications with that for an entire year. It got the point where I got desperate and did the most extensive research to find the best Surgeon in NYC, he successfully fixed the problem and made my boobs like amazing BUT i got really unlucky and decided to get them done when they were in the process of using this failed technology that was a mesh to hold them in place under my skin but unfortunately it started giving me a really bad infection on both boobs, so when I finally thought I was in the clear I had to keep wearing bandages and going on with scars, I’ll tell you it didn’t feel nice to have to re-explain everyday as to way my boobs always had band-aids on them. At first we werent sure what the problem was so the surgeon trying to disinfect it which never worked, it took use an entire year to realize that’s what needed to be done but at that point the mesh was already embedded into my skin, I had to go through a process where he cut my open while I was awake to save money on anesthesia, i literally smelled my own burning flesh was very unpleasant. Not having perfect breasts to show off whenever I wanted was a really really really hard thing to do as sex worker im sure you could imagine, so because of that and the fact that I hated getting fully naked really skewered my audience. What made things EVEN worse me is that the previous surgeon had preformed Lypo on my tummy to add fats to the boob but my skin didn’t heal properly so I was basically doomed with the fact that even if i was getting skinnier it would never show on my waist.

I felt completely soul crushed for a very long time but giving up was not an option because I couldn’t succeed at this then what kind of miserable average life was waiting for me? The idea of settling and working at a dead end job was scarier to me than anything I was going through, Id rather grind through the hardships and unfortunate circumstances of life then give up on myself, i knew what it felt like to just sitting around on my computer for hours, bingeing anime and games. I hated the feeling, I hated it more than anything I absolutely could not go back to that.

Another soul crushing moment for me was when my kitten CreamPuff passed away, i thought the world was ending but I had to keep going. The last memory I have of her was her lying down on my pillow facing me with her little paws on my face and then I wake up and shes gone. At some point I was literally just thinking that the universe wanted me to be unhappy, did I deserve this? Its consistent with how unfortunate my life was back at home to so maybe I’m just destined to live a life like this. Those were the dark moments that I had to overcome while slowly being on the brink of losing it.

As time went on, I got a better hang of learning how to do everything myself. I learned how to cook my own food (I have a surprising natural ability for understanding flavor combinations it seems) so I could easily manage my health and calorie intake, learned basic marketing skills, how to give myself a schedule, learned
how to color grade and do some basic Photoshop skills. (I want to get to the point where I’m learn enough to photo manipulate my own photos). Any ounce of laziness or complacentness was quickly thrown out the window because I knew I had no future if I didn’t get my shit together. I had no time to cry or feel sorry for myself because I knew that wasn’t going to get me anywhere, if anything, it only put me into a worse spot. I had to condition myself to be beyond my insecurities and not let them break me down and ruin my work flow. I’m doing a lot better nowadays but condition myself to being as perfect as I can be. It isn’t quite there as of yet. I feel like a different person every month, I’m constantly hungry for knowledge even if its for things that aren’t directly connected to my career. Knowledge is power and the more I learn the more liberated I am to affect the thing I want.

If and when I reach my goals, I want to do as much good for the world as I possibly can. Because I have people in my life I care about profoundly it’s hard for me to sit by and watch other people suffer when that could have easily been me with how my past was going. I care a lot about the environment and would like to do my very best to preserve it but I know the core problem is from the chaotic-ness and turmoil of humans. I hope I can leave a positive imprint on the world with whatever future endeavors I decide to start. Giving back to the world is the least I can do for it even allowing me to exist and experience happiness.



  1. I only just happened upon your cosplay, among other things, and I’m already a huge fan! ^///^ I look forward to what you have in store for your audience, myself included~ <3

  2. Two questions:

    1. Are you still in Jersey City? Or am I confused?

    2. Do you do your own camera work/editing or do you/would you work with someone?

      • Wow. Much respect. I love your cosplay stuff on instagram. Never really seen your cam stuff but I’m sure it’s just as good. I’m sure I’m late to the game since I’ve only just discovered you but have you done any SFW cosplay photoshoots or videos?? What do you have planned to produce this year?


        If you’re ever looking for a JC based photographer/videographer/editor, do keep my in mind. I currently work for free, well for credit really. I did/do food photography and experimental film/editing. I have access to a super pro film/photo studio space in JC for very, very cheap. Parlay Studios. Check them out. Managed it for 3 years working on set for film, photo, and TV. Currently at a rental house in NYC so can definitely upgrade you from that Canon 1D. xD

        Yes I’m trying to sell myself here. Lol. But I’m sure you know the film and photo industry is a dog eat dog world and I’m just trying to get my piece out of it.

        Anyways, regardless of whether or not I get an opportunity to work with you, please never stop creating. Your fan base is epic and your work ethic and quality is an inspiration. Your story is real and I hope you find the most success in 2017!

  3. It’s nice to see you are still moving forward. The doujin is awesome by the way, but I am left wondering what is your involvement with it? Did you do the art, story or both?

    • I commissioned an artist to do the artwork. My friends Merryweather and Eightloaded did the storyboard together. Eightloaded was given the premise and story idea from me and Merryweather worked on the details of the storyboard since he’s the expert on how to best present such things (he works in that industry).

    • I’ve decided to cam on MFC from now on that’s why. I’ve also been off stream more often the past three weeks because I decided to focus more on my other projects for once (YouTube, ManyVids, etc.). In a few days I’ll be ready to get back into 4 days a week of camming again ^^

  4. Lana, you’re the best! I love watching your stream. I too am interested in camming and wanted to ask what camera you are currently using? I love how it focuses on you only and makes your beauty stand out! You are an inspiration to is girls!!!!

  5. you are super amazing! i’ve had an mfc account since 2012 but due to health problems (i was a stripper 18-24) I had to quit dancing and turned to camming so although i’ve broadcasted i’m still a baby cam girl hahaha. anyway, my website has my mfc on it. i LOVE YOUR BLOGGGGGG and overall your website and i’m jealous. i want to move to brooklyn and am ultra broke but hoping that changes since i’m camming full time. haha you’re so lucky i’m glad you worked hard and got there! i frequent your site here but i have no cam girl friends bc girls can be so much drama but if you’d like to be friends i’d love it hahaha. sorry if i’m lame.
    xo Abbie

    • First off, thank you :).

      Brooklyn is definitely one of the places to start in if you want to have a chance at finding an affordable place for the size and quality, just gotta grind through dozens (if not hundreds -_-) of landlords and apartments. A 700 sq ft can be anywhere from $1100-1600. My old one in Brooklyn was $1300 for 700 sq ft. I literally had a 5 ft by 5 ft area to film my videos in my bedroom due to all my appliances, electronics, equipment and wardrobe :(. I’m in a new place now and I more than doubled my sq ft ^-^ but it costs a lot and I plan on only staying in this one for about 3-5 years before investing in a condo somewhere nearby (that’s IF I continue to grow).

      I’m always open to meeting people in the industry and making connections/relationships but it’s always hard to keep up or connect with anyone these 3 years because I’m always busy and almost never have time for myself (averaging 2-3 hours a week of free time, because most of my OTHER “free time” I tend to use up on progressing or catching up on projects).

      I consider GoldenGoddess a very dear friend of mine and I’m really grateful she’s been very understanding about how little we talk or see each other since we’re so busy. Any friends I make will have to keep that in mind :(. It’s also why I’ll probably be single for a long ass time haha!

      – Lana

      • Girrrl, I’ve been single for many years and I plan to be for many more!!! But I’m sorry I JUST saw this. Haha. I’m sure you’re busy! Since I’ve begun seriously camming I have no time for anything! And Thank you for the reply, sorry I’m so late, I just assumed you weren’t going to.. I dunno why! But I adore you and wish you good luck! As if you need it ;D kidding, we all need it. And I was told Brooklyn by my sister who lives in Manhattan! She has no room or I’d stay with her. I’ve been searching for someone to let me stay with them and pay rent until I can get my own place. Preferably a fellow cam model and if I remember correctly that’s what you did, yes?? And you’re crazy for moving from Canada here. I have always wanted to do the opposite! Actually I’m the crazy one. Welcome (belated) to being a US citizen too! But anyway thank you for your reply. And I’ll keep supporting you! Also, I’d love to read more about your life (I’m a creeper I love writing and reading blogs) so I hope you keep updating it honey! Yeah the time/friend thing I totally get. My best friends (two of them) and I hardly talk but its known we love each other and it’s not on purpose bc we would love to talk all day if we could. But real friendships endure that (: so GoldenGoddess and you are actually a true friendship then, and its special/rare (: Sorry my message is so sloppy and all over the place. My mind is.

        lovelove, Abbie
        PS- if you ever want a short term roommate that will pay bills and has family/friends in NYC (so isn’t all dependant) just know I would totally love that! hahaha.

  6. Your story is very inspiring.

    Found you by a coincidence. And, not sure if this is a compliment, but you are quite different from others. Of course everyone cares about camscore and tippings, it’s your livelihood!! But the fact that you take the time to get to know your fans, and love what you do and not afraid to express them. Your gleefulness is contagious (>W<)

    You are quite something. Moving out by yourself to brave the world. That's one of the hardest steps in life, and you took it not by choice, yet you do with such courage.
    So eh….dang I suck at ending. Keep it up?! Best of luck? Ganbatte?! Haha(^_^)

    • Aww, thank you! That was a really inspiring and encouraging comment. I really really really really love my fans, especially those who have stayed close to me for such a long time. Since I have pretty much almost zero time outside of all my work, I’ve never really had time to make friends in my area but instead I’ve made good friends with a tightly knit circle of my supporters ^-^. And they’re all I need.

      It was really scary when I had to move out. I never really solved every single IRL problem that stemmed from that up until recently so now I’m really happy and can focus solely on my work and passion projects. Expect a bit of evolution over the next two years since I’ll be juggling more stuff than just camming and cosplay now .

  7. I saw one of your streams on chaturbate and loved it! It was cool seeing your other stuff with cosplay and things beyond your cam-girl profession. Was wondering if you were thinking of going to nycc or any cons in the area? And if so, is it awkward to ask for a picture? ^^; Thanks for the hard work you put into everything for your fans. 🙂

  8. I just wanted to point out that it’s not “gnocci in pesto”, it’s “gnocchi al pesto”
    Keep up the nice work 🙂

    • True.
      But if we’re using fully English context without using terminology or names of actual dishes, they are gnocchi, in pesto sauce, hence, “gnocci in pesto”. I wasn’t trying to call the dish that, it was descriptive use.

      Thank you for the comment ^_^.

  9. Hello Lana!
    I wanted to PM you but i can’t find your mail so i’ll post here. 😀
    A few days ago i saw your video on kin8tengoku and you were really cute so i googled your name because i was curious and that’s how i found your website haha
    What a surprise though, you are into cosplay and anime! How can you be so cool? lol it’s even better when i found out that we are the same age.
    I wanted to ask if you will do more videos with kin8tengoku or another JAV company, it seemed like you had some genuine orgasm during the video and it was awesome.
    By the way, i’m a huge anime fan too so is it possible to see your myanimelist profile? i can’t find it :p

    Have a nice day!

    • It depends. Here’s my response to someone else who said the same thing:
      But if we’re using fully English context without using terminology or names of actual dishes, they are gnocchi, in pesto sauce, hence, “gnocci in pesto”. I wasn’t trying to call the dish that, it was descriptive use.

      “Gnocci al pesto” is an Italian name for a dish, there is no “al” in English.

      Thank you for the comment ^_^.

    • Already explained, gnocci AL pesto is the actual name of the DISH, Gnocci IN pesto isn’t me giving it a term or a dish name thats literally what it is, its gnocci IN pesto sauce. This has already been explained in the other comments. There’s a dish in foreign countries with specific names but you wouldn’t necessarily call them, especially to a stranger, by their country’s given name. You’d call it something like “beef marrow soup” or whatever it is that describes it.

      For the record, I grew up Italian with an Italian family and Italian parents who speak Italian and a mom who’s obsessed with cooking and making Italian dishes.

  10. Hey, Lana…
    Tokyo Ghoul, hm? Cute, i’ll try to get you that collection, asap, just because i love it too, but what about Berserk? Why did you liked it? It’s surely on my top 3 anime, but i never felt more angry as Guts in the end of the ’97 anime, kkkk, that dude went through a total shitstorm, and what does he gets? Gf gets raped, okay then, moving on. Do you play guitar? I mean, i saw maybe a classic Fender, and my favorite, that sugar white Ephiphone Les Paul, and i thought, “damn… what a beautiful creature with a taste none other than the best.” And i mean, in everything, i gotta say, you’re one of a kind. I know that now you might be thinking that im the weirdest, but, yeah, if you knew me, you’d notice that i speak with my eyes, words can be empty, and… there are better things to do with our mouth… Like singing, i like to sing. What were you already thinking? Sex? Oral Sex? Yeah, that too, i just love it, there is no better vision than one of a woman turning their eyes back of pure pleasure.. yup, good things in life indeed.. Like you on that Asuka cosplay, hmm, your lips, your eyes, your body… its tempting… the way you look in that video, i don’t know, maybe because it was the first ones i saw, maybe, the second video i saw, and, especialy after the warm up, its a crime, you know? Many weak-hearted will fall, parish there with a big perverted smile on they’re face kkkk
    But, oh well, it’s the first here on your website, it’s amazing, a very good job, i love it, and… i don’t know, but of course you’ve already thought of it, but i’ll say it anyway, a donate button, sunshine, a donate button on the site would be good too, it’s not exagerated, i mean, the other sites with they’re sistems of tokens and even a donate button too, but, hey, this is your site, so, why not? I’d put a tip for sure. Hope you’re doing good, stay safe and don’t stress up, ok? 2/3 hour a week for yourself cannot be good, so, try to think about it, will you? Take care of thouse beautiful eyes, body, mind and soul. Im no one, but i care. (:

    • For vids? It’s $350 per 5 min for custom vids. I only ever offer these during contests I want to win but if it’s tipped in the form of tokens on mfc I allow it.

  11. Hey Lana, I was wondering were you into the trap or crossdressing genre. Cause I seen your death the kid cosplay and was wondering did you every think of doing a gay video, like a boy being feminized.

    • I am, and I’ve thought about it ^_^. It’s somewhat in my plans, but I just have a long list of other things right now. I’d say within the next few months for sure :).

  12. Hey! I was wondering if there is an account i could send you a draw … since i don’t use twitter or instagram… not sure if its fanart… im a fan tho… but lets go with portrait.
    Apart from that, good job! Love your youtube channel, what type of equipment you use for your videos?

    • Just email it to my email address I have listed on the bio/info box on my Twitter. I use a CANON DSLR. And thank you, I’m glad you’re liking my youtube ^_^.

  13. Hi Lana I’ve been a fan now for only a handful of months now. I was the one that mentioned the convention in April (tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh PA). I’m a carpenter turned chef turned cosplay prop maker that in the midst of being a sushi chef is trying to get my cosplay prop career going and would like to offer you a prop of your request for free (within reason I’m not an extremely wealthy chef haha :(. If it’s to your liking I just ask that you spread the word or recommend me. I can send pics of things I’ve designed or have in the works. I’m willing to take on any job. Sorry I had to message you here couldn’t figure out another way lol. Keep doin what your doing, love the more automata playthrough.

  14. I’m really glad to have found this page where I got to read a bit more about you. I’ve also recently been introduced to your YouTube videos after playing Nier and finding your unboxing video. I was really surprised to know you had a YouTube channel since I knew about your camming beforehand, and I’m really glad I did because I find you have a very wonderful personality.

    It’s also a huge surprise to find out and read about your personal life and struggles. It’s amazing how still to this day people can still be homophobic, and still struggle to understand each other unable to look beyond their misconceptions.

    I’m really thankful for this page because of those reasons I mentioned above… I doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity to have a conversation with you, but being given the chance to have more insight into who you are, why you cam, and what you’ve been through really helps me shed some light on how much of an amazing person you really are.

    As cringey as this will sound… I think you’re quite amazing from a very childish crush kind of way. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be creepy and stalk you in any way, I just wanted to impart that I think you’re an amazing person with a lot of passions and interests that I find quite endearing.

    I just hope that you know how amazing I believe you are, and to tell you to always believe and have confidence both in who you are and what you do… because I’m quite smitten by what you do, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    As a fellow Canadian, and just a stranger I’d like to wish you the very best of luck in whatever you do in life.

    I hope you find success in whatever you do, and your life continues to improve every day as it goes by.

    Don’t be afraid to be the person you want to be most of all… as your life is evident that there will be people who will help you, and be there for you.

    Once again, the very best of luck~

    • Aww, thank you so much for that. I can feel so much sincerity in your words too ^_^. Thank you. Your words were extremely encouraging and I’m seriously overwhelmed. I hope you go for your ambitions and find success as well. I like to think I’ve developed some really good foresight and I can tell you’re a wonderful person, so I wish you luck as well.

  15. I love you very much Lana rain,I can see you have a littel lascivious.I have a question,What is your concept of love?
    If you have a husband,do you hate him to dislike you when you seduce man?
    Do you think the loyalty of marriage is spiritual, not related to the body?
    Make money to each other to satisfy the sexual desireis is right or not?

  16. Hello Lana,

    after a reading of your bio on your site i want to send you this :c

    I discovered you about 3 years ago on CB, like many people I liked your cams (you was shy??? T_T seriously?!)

    Then about a year ago I started to be jealous 😡 “why so much success” “why she gets all these tips ??” “Why she seems to manage her life so well” “why she is beautiful, flourishes, passionate and she has all that” “everything looks easy for her !!” “Why this and why ???” (really u.u and more, much more)

    I imagined rich parents who gave you your money to buy you everything you had, a spoiled girl,
    in short: I was a big –>asshole<– who judged the appearances,
    even if I looked at you during your cams, I continued to judge and envy you

    I have never insulted you or anybody else but have judged you gratuitously by imagining a lot of shit
    and now im reading the life you have passed I feel stupid and wicked, and wnat to apologize T_T

    continue your journey and say you that: even assholes who judge you, can change (like me …. after 3 years -_-)

    Ps: I don't know if it's you who does all your videos, photos, decorations of your pages but great job o.o (i tried the cams 1 year ago but so strange to be observed ;_; and the reccord of bot..maybe one day i try again with more confidence)

    Kiss from a sorry and old…new again…and fucking strange fan 😵 Avichaï 😡
    hope to talk with you shortly and to know you better (sorry I am French and I used a translator because the text was long ;p hope my message was still understandable)

    • Wow really? That’s pretty crazy then, but I’ll really really happy someone changed their mind. I don’t think I’m anything great but I don’t think there’s anything anyone should hate me or dislike me for either. I don’t bother anyone and I keep to myself and just focus on my career. Thank you for being so honest and up front to the point of taking the time to write me this message 🙂

      And of course, thank you for the encouragement. It’s not such a bad world if people can admit to their judgmental ways and reach out to better understand others. Most people would just try to stick to their original analysis of someone even when they see all the reasons to change. Thank you.

      And yes, I am in charge of, and do everything, for all of my content. My website’s first design was from a friend, the current design is from me. I do 98% of my photoshoots color grade. About half of my photoshoots are shot by me with a tripod using either a remote shutter or use a timer. My videos are all filmed by me and color graded by me. They’re all edited by me as well ^_^. That’s why I barely ever have time to do anything else other than focus on my career. I have many goals and ambitions and I hope to reach it within my lifetime. I also hope to change more people’s minds if there’s others out there who think negatively of me for whatever reason.

  17. Hey Lana! I saw you for the first time at MFC yesterday. And you are the most beautiful model there at least in my opinion. Then, when I read your profile, I was amazed by your life story. From infatuation, it turned into admiration. You went out of your way to do things you want to do. And you did it with confidence. Most models are embarrassed with their choice but you don’t. You made me a fan of you. I wish I could create an account just to support but I guess it’s region locked in my country. Been going to MFC as a guest. I hope I can meet you someday maybe at 2018 NY comicon since I will be visiting the United States next year. Hopefully, I see you there! Anyway, thank you for being who you are and always remember that there are people like me who are rooting for you. Cheers to you!

    • Thank you so much for that really heartwarming and extremely encouraging message :).

      And sure! Just lemme know when it’s you if you ever do come, I’m actually looking forward to it. It would be interesting to see if despite the year and a half long gap we still get to meet at Comic Con.
      Remember, its people like you that I even pursued a career in entertainment and wanting to grow as something more than who I was back then :).

      • Holy… I never thought you’d actually reply but you did anyway. I guess I’ll add this to the list of things that made me like you.

        Anyway, I figured that Comicon would be the best place to meet you since we both like the same hobbies and stuff. And yes! I am looking forward to meeting you there as well. It would make my trip to the States worthwhile. I’ll let you know if I am able to come since I still have to deal with the visa. I don’t know how though but I’ll try to message you somewhere. And I sincerely hope we do become friends.

        Thanks for the reply! Stay awesome Lana!

  18. Best of luck for 2017! I hope you make more vlogs! I was wondering what the song was at the end of your first vlog? It was really pretty, just like you!

  19. Show their your bio, they will change opinion quickly x3

    really ?_? Why do you do all that alone???
    You can ask a loved one to hold the camera, decorate your blog a little or to help you for your cosplays o.ô
    or even to pay you an assistant, you would save time (time is money), you would be more relaxed and you would have someone near you during your ascent ;p, or a simple cameraman/blogger not too expensive and so there ^-^

    anyway since you intend to continue in your passions and to improve you can not escape this and you will have to have an assistant at least to hold your blog, think of it right away among your friends, entourage or moderators ;p

    lot of us start alone, and i’m sure you know you can’t make aaaaaallll your work alone indefinitely T_T

    • I use Bad Dragon cum lube because they are the absolute best at how real it looks and it’s consistency. It also doesn’t have a terrible smell or taste like others do. Lastly, it’s organically safe.

  20. Hi Lana,i recently discovered your channel and i must say that you are simply amazing,i can say that you are the cutest girl i ever saw. I wish you all the best with your work 🙂

  21. has being into anime colored your attraction to girls in a particular way such as traits you have preference for?

    jk. ignore that question.
    I’m so glad to read that you’re so into anime and cosplay. I would love to start cosplaying but i’m really scared of messing it up and having angry nerds socialmediabash me for getting it wrong somehow. On top of that I looked at some of your cosplay; you’re so good at it! you even cosplayed Kirino, which means you’re my fav cosplayer now (Kirino is the character who got me hooked into anime/manga since i wanted to be like her. Some role model huh?).
    Anyways, do you have advice for someone who wants to start cosplaying?

    • Haha, I never thought Kirino would be anyone’s role model but it depends how you look at it, cuz, she definitely doesn’t take shit from no one and she’s strong willed yet kind to the people she loves. Oreimo was an amazing show 🙂

      I would say it helped me SEE what traits I would like in girls for sure. Anime showed me I prefer headstrong, high will powered girls who exude those traits with a certain attitude or “aura”.

      I think you should just cosplay and not worry too much so you can gain the experience first. You can worry about accuracy later :).

        • sorry, i’m always unneccesarily talkative even after i’ve said what i thought is all i had to say.
          was gonna say that i relate to anime bringing my preferences out to me. Being trans, I don’t really get a consistent positive response from people i talk to, even in the relatively liberal anime and video game mainstream, but i kind of feel safe speaking to you. IDK if you have any idea how much reading through your bio, i related to your experiences. My experiences sure weren’t as harsh, but seeing your story really makes me feel hopeful in a dream of a decent enough life. i’ve had to both burn so many bridges, and so many people have burned their bridges to me… it’s… meh. i’m rambling. it’s nothing compared to your journey in life.

          but really, thank you. for more than just advice and responding.


  22. Hi! I stumbled upon your NieR story analysis video (Spot on, by the way!) while the Automata soundtrack was on autoplay and I found my way here, and I have to say I find your story so amazing and inspiring! My fiance did a similar move just at the beginning of this year from the other side of the country to here in NYC for school and it’s heartwarming seeing people chasing their dreams and finding success. Major props to you, too, I had no idea you were a camgirl, and I imagine that’s a lot of hard work! I was also wondering if you go to any non-convention cosplay-friendly events like Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn, ’cause I’m planning on making an Emil head and I’d love a photo if you wore 2B out there!

    • Hi, thank you for checking out my NieR Automata story analysis video on Youtube. That one took a looooot of work xD. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it to the Sakura Matsuri this year but I’ve always been wanting to go. I have to visit my mom back in Canada for a week and a half sometime around the end of April. It really depends on if I go at the end of after April. If it’s after, then I’ll be able to go for sure since I’ve always wanted to go the last 2 years and never got around to.

      Thank you for your the supportive an encouraging feedback and for taking the time to check out my website. A lot of these posts need revamping or correcting xD. If I do go this month, I’ll let you know in the email you provided to leave that comment so that we can see each other for that photo ^_^.

      May you and your fiance stay super happy as a couple.

  23. I first found your cosplay 2B cosplay in Facebook and i didn’t even know you were a cam girl still from all of the cam girls i see aside from being naughty XD you seem to be the most grounded and the most passionate on what you do and hearing your story made me a fan and respect you more as a person i hope this goes well for you and i’ll be sure to support you as a fan in the future ^^

    • Thank you so much for that and your really thoughtful sentiments. I’m happy that you think all of that ^_^. Don’t feel obligated to, but if you do choose to help support one day, my current fans and I would welcome you openly :).

  24. 中国网民之一向lana rain 女士致敬!您的视频在国内大受欢迎!但也有人利用这些谋利,希望在您的网站早日建成!
    I’m a Chinese.So I had a poor grammar.And I have to use Baidu Translate to finish this reply.First,your bideo was so popular in China!Most of my classmates love you and your video XD. However,Some people use them to made money.So we hope your wedsite can completed at an early date!

  25. I just realized you were that girl cosplaying Madoka Magica at the Liberty City Anime convention lol. I was skimming through my photos I took of there and thought there was a similarity between you and what I saw on the internet.

    • I believe we talked for a bit while in line or something, I was the guy with the long hair wearing the green tie black dress shirt & jeans. Do you make the cosplay yourself? They look well done and gorgeous!

      • No I would have noooo chance to have the time to even make them. I work a really really tight schedule, sometimes going over 20 hours very frequently before I even head to bed. I buy all of my cosplays or I commission them from amazing cosplay creators if I can’t find a good quality one.

        I can’t say I remember >.< sorry. But I might remember if I ever saw you again. I'll be trying to open up time for as many big nearby conventions in the tri-state area this year so if you go to NYC Comic Con for example I'll 100% be there ^_^.

        • Ahh I see. How about during the karoke with the latin guy as DJ, I was with the old black guy cracking jokes with him, Remeber that? hahaha.
          Small world huh, it feels strange thinking back at it now. Gonna be hopefully participating in this years convention too! & with a cosplay this time & with my friend 😛

          • Still nope >.< I have VERY bad memory anyway and when it comes to people, even celebrities I repeatedly see in multiple movies, I tend to forget or not recognize until someone tells me. I'm just very bad with the human face. I'm sure a normal person would have at least some inkling of that memory. Yeah its crazy how many people end up recognizing me in the street. I'm not even that popular, not at all tbh. Looking forward if I ever see you again ^_^. Be sure to say hi!

  26. I’m glad my friends here are fans of yours. I got to find out more about you. Truthfully, this is the first time I’ve heard of you. Since, I’ve been on and off with my passions. I’ve read everything you wrote here and even watched your youtube video of Nier Automata. I love how you analyze the story of the game and I find you very inspiring. I hope in the near future, I can have as much strength as you had. I’m on my way to pulling the last straw myself.

    • First off, thank you for taking the time to comment and for checking out my NieR Automata analysis vid ^_^

      I hope you achieve your goals. The simplest way I can put it is: You have to want it REALLY BADLY enough. I’m sure if you do, you’ll do what it takes to get there. Just don’t hurt your loved ones as you go ^_^ take care.

  27. This night I have a nightmare ;_; you comeback on cb, and i talk to many, and….you bann meeeee

    srsly in the real life im almost normal xp when when you comeback!!

  28. Why lot of many people on cb (or other) not understand: the secret its “love what you make” -_- if you not love that, we not love that, so fcking simply, and they ask again “why i not have viewers”

  29. Hello Lana,

    I somehow discovered you, don’t know how honestly, but I’m glad I did.

    I wanna say this blog was an eye opener, and shows how to be badass, when running away from home aha.
    Also, are you bilingual?

    • Haha, thank you!

      Sort of, I can understand French on a 80-90% level since I grew up in Quebec, but I am not confident enough to speak it back. And I vaguely understand Italian since I am Italian ^_^.

  30. like half an hour ago i clicked on your pretty face on a site and i instantly fell under your spel.sorry for my falty english i am from the netherlands..
    enyway i think am gonna follow you or whatever the f … people call it.
    you are so captivating en smart to .
    if you got time or whatever and you like to get in contact with an fairly intresting guy,
    send me a mail,so we could talk or whatever.

  31. Tbh I want to get to know you, it’s wierd idk why but yeah, it’s the internet and you get a lot of these messages but I don’t want sex or anything, I know crazy right. But yeah

  32. I just want to say that I have a lot of respect for you for being able to live through those situations in your life. I love how you can stay positive and not give up. Keep up the good work Lana! You have a lot of supporters!

    • Thank you! I think it’s all a matter of how we react to fear. For me, it’s my fear of failing and crashing, so really I have no choice but to keep going and find solutions to the problems that arise. I think that’s what keeps allowing me to pull through and be lucky, and a mechanic I think a lot of people can take advantage of too once they realize how much more they can give in any given situation ^_^.

  33. Hi lana. I can understand and relate to how you work hard to never give up. If anything, I can help you anytime you want and I will continue to support you. No matter what happens, your my fave, #1 cam girl and cosplayer. But keep yourself healthy and ready for anything.
    I would like to talk more and help in anyway I can. I love your videos, cam shows, cosplay videos and photos. I would like to do fan art and orignal sketches of you for you to know that you are lovely and beautiful.
    I go by Okami on Cb but haven’t made a Mfc acct. but i follow you on Ig and Twitter when I can. I have been doing word work and hand make any props you may want. Just drop a line and I’ll do anything for you.

  34. Hey Lana, I really REALLY love your work, both clean and nsfw. <3 I wanted to ask, if it's not too personal, how do you stay in shape? You said you're about 5'2" which is just under my own height, but you're in much better shape than I am. So I'd like to know how you do it. ;w; Again, love your work, and you're cute af.

  35. Hey, Lana, you do a great job, thank you very much, I wish you success and much happiness, do not be discouraged because you are an incredible woman. None of us are born with talents but we develop them. Just do not let the opinions of others who do not see you discourage you. Keep being you and never never give up on your dreams

    Sorry for bad english I used google to translate I’m brazilian so I do not get along very well with words in english

  36. Hi, Lana!
    Found your YouTube channel while searching for Nier:A trivia a few months ago, and the first thought was ‘Wow, that’s one awesome cosplay!’ Someone actually takes it serious AND has just the right body for it! Imagine my surprise when I found your MV account, lol. Took some time to collect the pieces of my jaw and thoughts.
    So… yeah, I kinda find myself mesmerized by the way you live, work and socialize. Even now I don’t fully understand why I’m writing this, my very first fan-letter, silly me. Maybe, you made me to? …As if!))
    Probably I just wanted to say, you are a genuinely interesting person, sweet, cute and a bit awkward. I only hope to see more and understand you better. Though I wonder what it may matter for you? Anyway! Best of luck in your work, and please be safe!
    From Russia with love.

    P.S. (Those rice crackers are evil tooth-killers, my heart stops when you nibble on them, lol )

    • Hey! Sorry for the late response, I haven’t had time to really check my website for a few days this past week due to a hellishly busy schedule (but what’s new right?). First off, thank you for your amazing enthusiasm. I really love the energy in your writing :). I’m happy you enjoyed my content, and especially my NieR youtube videos (I worked rly hard on those >.<). I hope you stick around! I hope to visit Russia one day, when our countries aren't feuding with each other haha. It's one of the very very few European countries I'd like to visit in my life. - Lana

  37. Dear Lana Rain,

    First of all, huge fan here!!!

    I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize but I bumped into you a few of times and we live in the same building (when I realized this today…I’m like OMG can I get your autograph???)….. Is there anyway that I could get your email address as I have a business idea that I want to discuss with you and your team if you are open to it. You have a small fan base in the Cosplay community in a key international market which I think has a lot of potential. This is a niche market and if you can enter it successfully, you’ll very likely to be the first foreign Coser to that marketplace, which should generate steady (and hopefully more than decent) income overtime.

    And apologies if my mentioning of “the same building” thing comes across to you as rude or violated your privacy, I’m really just a huge fan; I sincerely hope that we can work something out together on this business idea.


  38. Hi Lana!

    I very much enjoy you cosplay and videos! I’m wondering how I can keep up with your posts. I looked and Twitter (with I rarely use) and maybe saw you weren’t online there for a while. Perhaps I’m a dumb dumb (name that show) and very wrong.

    My favorite video was a couple years ago when you went shopping and got all your noodles hahah.

    Anywhos. If you don’t reply. Keep kicking but out there.


  39. Lana you said that you’re now a resident of U.S. so I assumed that you were born somewhere else, so where?
    And I’m sorry to hear that your mama couldn’t accept you being bissexual, that sucks.
    And I know you from some places and memes, but i never rly discovered your name but when a friend of my told me i started following you on all your sites/social media and I love your work and I Hope to see more of you around.
    P.S. i from Brazil, just If ya want to know.

  40. You’ve been through a lot of things but it’s very nice that even so you have gone ahead working on what you like and love, I’m glad for you continue like this: 3 <3

  41. Your NieR lore video showed up on my recommended list and I ended up subbing, you know your vidya and anime very well! I’ll keep on the lookout for more of your content.

    • Thank you so much and I’m really happy you liked it. NieR and Yoko Taro’s works are some of the few things I’m a die hard fan about. His stuff is thought provoking and deep in ways and in style that I don’t really see anywhere else. My content for his works is meant to push awareness towards that 🙂

  42. Lana, you dont play music? or what type of music you like? Ah, you are the more beautiful girl that i see in my life, Luck in your life,
    I hope your mother did not do you much harm by not accepting you for bisexuality, Bye!

  43. Hi Lana!^_^
    I bacame a fan of you after i first saw your amazing cosplay of 2B(It was cool and beautiful)! HAHA! I really enjoy your works!
    I remeber four months ago i was preparing for a really important exam,and in those days i didn’t have much time to relax.So i just watched your vlogs and it made me feel really relaxed,
    Hope the most lovely Lana will be lucky,be safe,and be better!
    And surely i will always stick with you as a fan!(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Best wishes from my heart.

    • It always makes me really super happy to know that my content and what I put so much heart and love into doing ends up helping others out in different ways, especially ways that help them with their lives just like how others I watched when I was little and had nothing helped me during hard times. Thank you so much 🙂

  44. Hey lana, congratulations for working hard to make content of such quality, your fans recognize your effort, continue on this path and you will surely be successful!
    Brazil loves you and you have become very famous among us, it has been eternalized as a national meme !! (I’d say 80% of people who share their memes do not know their work, and that makes it even more comic, especially when unsuspecting family members share memes in social networks)
    The translation would be: “When you hit your toe”
    Hugs, Arthur S. P.

  45. I hope cosplaying Fate characters (such as Saber, Rin, Jeanne d’Arc, Nero and the likes) is included in your long to-do list. Fate Apocrypha is still on-going so you can capitalize on that. Good luck and keep it up my dearest girl crush!

  46. I just found you today and I will definitely be on the lookout for more of your content. You are beautiful and seem like a totally awesome person. I love video games, conventions and cosplay. You are great at it! Keep up the good work. My only regret is that I live pretty far from NY and won’t likely ever have the chance to meet you haha.

    P.S. “For the record, I grew up Italian with an Italian family and Italian parents who speak Italian and a mom who’s obsessed with cooking and making Italian dishes.” This response to a pointless and repetitive correction literally made me laugh out loud when I read it and made me want you that much more. So glad I found you and this site!

    • Thank you! And yeah, I have no idea why they keep trying to correct it or why they hone in on that one detail that’s already been addressed. It’s really sad.

      Thank you for reading and for your time 🙂

  47. Hello Lana, I am Stella, from Europe. Really sorry for my bad English 🙁
    I am 15yo at the moment, but much older in mind and appearance (people say i look like 20 ).
    I have an amazing passion for Manga, Hentaii and Cosplay. I live beside them, its a really strong passion an needing for me.
    I read all in your site, and I almost crying for everything you said and u are…yes, cry! because in your words I saw my life, my character and myself.
    I was born by an unknown dad, and my mom went away and leave me in a very small country when i was 6month with some persons to live with …i lived with these persons for 5 long years…they were absolutely bad with me….eating their rests in a corner like a dog, just cola and chocolate,sometimes sleeping outside in the garden, and outside i was use to stay beside the wall to be more warm thanx to the heating pipes..then i remember my long moments alone in a small garden starving the stars…at 5yo my mom came back to bring me , and i was adopted by her new boyfriend and i changed citizen, and now i live with her but believe me i lived very bad events in my life…but I am strong and positive..and i want to grow up and become independent and go away follow my project (personal Site , or cam, or selling stuff in other accounts ) I got a real strong talent for sexuality,also like girls,i like showing myself, help people and make them happy, i am a very very open minded person, and i am programming my project for my future…at the present moment because of my age,( 15 yo) i can’t do nothing in this kind of business (must turn 18 first, and i will respect all the rules)…but i don’t want to loose time, so i thought to make an account in a social (the only one for me, i haven’t got others at the moment) to start to have followers for the future’s project, thats why two month ago i did my SnapChat account ( if u wanna see me in snapchat this is my SC username: stellax.7 ,will be glad to know if u like me 🙂 ) where i started to snap just easy pics and vids, in these 2 months my followers and views are grown up well , and now I’m just waiting to find some money to buy cosplay/Manga clothes and stuff, cause i want to snap a higher level of photos , all depends by possibilities..thats all, that’s all about me at the moment ..
    Really thank u to help me just by being what u are and telling ur story…thanx for reading me till here , and sorry for disturb..
    Hope to know each other one day.
    Sweet kiss

    • Hi. Your message was really heart felt and it means a lot to me that I can somehow inspire others who find pieces of what they want to do in what I do. It let’s me know I’m doing something right the same way the people I looked up to when I was a teenager gave me strength and hope. Your story and your past deeply saddens me, especially since I came from a place of hardships as well in which I had to fight insurmountable odds to get to where I am today. I want you to know to keep in mind that you should always find a balance between your safety and the bravery you have to uphold towards the rigorous path of finding your place in life. Stay very strong, and I wish you good luck on your journey.

      Also, sorry for the late response.

      – Lana

  48. Hi, Lana! I feel a little strange because I never thought I could write something, first of all, I want to apologize for the basic English, what’s more, I’m writing this more than anything from the Google translator, I hope things can be understood, at least most. I would also like to know if you speak Spanish, I think not, but just in case I’m going to put the original text too, hahaha.
    I would like to tell you that for a long time I want to know you more, with this description of your person I can know something else, but I do not know much English either, as things get complicated for me. I sincerely believe that you are someone totally spectacular, in many ways.
    I would like to tell you that this year I started using “Chaturbate” (I am a man) and honestly things are somewhat complicated, mostly because I am a man, I do not know, but there are days when you feel a little bad, others that a little better, but also never spend a lot of time because I do not have the place or the space to do it. I sincerely feel that there is no better thing than doing something that you like and that also gives you results in life, that’s why I admire you a lot. I do not know if there will be any way we can talk in a more private way, more than anything to ask you for advice or things that you can tell me. Honestly I’m not someone who speaks in public, I’m shy, hahaha.
    By the way, when I created my account on “cb”, I did it thinking of you, since my username is “Rain_Loves” haha.

    On the other hand, I would like to thank you in advance for your response to this text, I am sure that you will answer it and I will be aware of an answer. I wish I could talk to you for another more private place, I do not know which, but you’ll tell me.
    Thank you very much for everything and I hope you have a beautiful year, I thank you for everything and nothing, I feel really a little nervous about this, It’s like writing to a celebrity! xD

    I tell you a little about me, I’m from Argentina and I’m 23 years old 🙂

    Kisses and hugs <3

    Attentively, a crazy child for another crazy xD

    Español: Hola Lana! Me siento un poco extraño porque jamás pensé que te podría escribir algo, antes que nada, quiero pedirte disculpas por el ingles basico, es más, esto lo estoy escribiendo más que nada desde el traductor de google, espero que las cosas se puedan entender, al menos la mayor parte. También quisiera saber si hablas español, yo creo que no, pero por las dudas te voy a poner el texto original también, jajaja.
    Quisiera decirte que hace mucho tiempo que quiero conocerte más, con esta descripción de tu persona puedo saber algo más, pero como tampoco sé mucho ingles, como que las cosas se me complican. Sinceramente creo que eres alguien totalmente espectacular, en muchos sentidos.
    Quisiera comentarte que este año empece a usar "Chaturbate" (Soy hombre) y sinceramente las cosas son algo complicadas, más que nada por ahí por ser hombre, no lo sé, pero hay días en los que uno mismo se siente un poco mal, otros que un poco mejor, pero igualmente nunca le dedique mucho tiempo porque no tengo el lugar ni el espacio para hacerlo. Sinceramente siento que no hay mejor cosa que hacer algo que te guste y que además te de resultados en la vida, por eso te admiro bastante. No sé si habrá alguna forma de que podamos hablar de una forma más privada, más que nada para pedirte consejos o cosas que me puedas decir. Sinceramente no soy alguien que hable en público, soy timido, jajaja.
    Por cierto, cuando cree mi cuenta en "cb", lo hice pensando en vos, ya que mi nombre de usuario es "Rain_Loves" jaja.

    Por otra parte, quisiera agradecerte de antemano por tu respuesta a este texto, estoy seguro que lo vas a responder y voy a estar al tanto de una respuesta. Ojala pueda hablarte por otro lugar más privado, no sé cual, pero ya me dirás.
    Muchísimas gracias por todo y espero que tengas un hermoso año, te agradezco por todo y nada, me siento realmente un poco nervioso por esto, ¡Es como escribirle a un famoso! xD

    Te cuento un poco de mi, soy de Argentina y tengo 23 años 🙂

    Besos y abrazos <3

    atentamente, un niño loco para otra loca xD

  49. Hello Lana, I’m a big fan of yours and I just has the opportunity to start working as a blogger for a site call So I was wondering could I do a kinda quick interview with you. I wanted to write a piece on you so the reader of the blog could check your stuff out but and interview would make it even better. If you are to busy I’ll understand no sweat. But if not, I would really like to try and get an interview with you. Thank you

  50. What camera are you using to record your manyvids content? the quality is 10/10
    Would you mind giving a recommendation on a camera under 1k for 4k video?

  51. Hello! Thank you for all you do and be!!! I am a fan from Austria, i am 29 and live near vienna. Sorry when my english is not really correctly. I was so happy to see you on youtube. Because a few years ago i see some videos from you and i was impressed how beautiful and creative you are. Now that i see how present you are on the internet, i am really happy! In my circle of acquaintances, i am the only real anime fan. I am often unhappy but your youtubevideos cheer me up. That s why i m glad that you exist! I like you. If you are ever in Europe i would like to meet you. I will write to you again. Wish you a lot of success and all the best!!!

  52. Hi! Heard from you since I saw a video in Buzzfeed I think, where you were showing your cosplays and mentioned how hard it was to get into a latex suit (you had a custom Rei Ayanami suit that was excellently made). Did you ever find a way to put it on? Also, I read how difficult it was for you to move out and start from scratch. Really felt the frustration in your words, but happy you actually made it out ok. I think many people of different places, with different perspectives, jobs, carreers, etc. can agree on how scary and difficult it is to go on your own. But you demonstrated that it’s possible as long you work hard and put effort into it. I think that really pushes people forward, at least it really pushed me as that is currently my next step to take. So thank you for your story! I don’t really follow you, but I took the time to actually read about you and this pretty much made my afternoon. Thanks again!

    • Yeah you have to use a special silicone lubricant that’s specially made for latex suits. And aww, thank you for giving me that feedback. It makes me super happy to know I can help someone out with their own lives in some way, so thank you.

      • It’s nearly 3:00 a. m. Where I live and you popped up in my head, so I searched your blog and I’m so happy to see you’ve read my feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply! And keep up your awesome cosplays and your cam modelling. Don’t let anyone keep you down, just go forward and do what makes you happy! You’re not hurting anyone, so all negative vibes should just move along. You go girl! You, your beauty, your confidence and your heart. Have a great 2018!

  53. This may sound odd, but I told myself I wouldn’t let my nerves control me in 2018 regardless of the outcome. So here goes:

    Would you like to go on a date sometime?!?

  54. I hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but you seemed to refer to “Lana Rain” in the third person so I’m guessing that’s not your real name. What would you do if some stranger came up and said: “Hey, it’s Lana Rain!”

  55. I’ve heard that you are a trap, this means, a man dressed as woman or transgender. But this interview took off my doubts. I never heard about you so I came to search… Now I’ll won’t forget, Lana Rain: On my list!

    • That probably came from a joke from a long time ago. But more importantly, a trap is not a transgender person, there’s a difference. If transgender people ever heard you refer to them synonymously as traps, you would really offend them. A “trap” is basically a very convincing crossdresser, but may or may not necessarily identify as the opposite gender. Transgender, trans, transsexuals, all identify as the gender they cerebrally identify as.

  56. I was wondering would you ever do voice over for a hentai game or visual novel, since your pretty much the living hentai girl and your acting is pretty good but since your so busy I’m not sure if that would interest you at all.

  57. I stumbled upon you in the suggested youtube and glad I clicked, you “Pew Pew” is adorable and always puts a smile on my face when I hear it os thank you =)

  58. Dear Lana
    I know of you only by reputation as a cosplayer and had not idea you did this. That being said I read your bio and completely understand where your coming from about finding your confidence, I was picked on in school and was shy in crowds. So it is good to hear you’ve found your confidence, I have not seen your videos and there is no judgment here you keep doing what you love and enjoy I will support you due to your amazing work as a cosplayer and I have heard you are an amazing person
    A fellow outcast

  59. Hi lana, i just wanna write i love the way you live and Work, i hope have nices days and cheers from chile. Sorry for my Basic inglish, Hugs for you good night

  60. Hi lana, i just wanna write i love the way you live and Work, i hope have nices days and cheers from chile. Sorry for my Basic inglish, Hugs for you good night

  61. Hi lana, i just wanna write i love the way you live and Work, i hope have nices days and cheers from chile. Sorry for my Basic inglish, Hugs for you good night

    Sorry if i write two times

  62. Hi Lana, I’ve seen a few of your camshows before and always thought you were not only cute, but also a VERY good cosplayer (picked up a couple MV vids too to show some support). Decided to check out your site on a whim, and heck, I ended up getting to read some inspiring background about you and learn that you’re also a damn hard worker and seem to be a really cool person in general. Anyway, just wanted to drop a comment saying to keep up the great work!! 👍


  63. Hey Lana, I’ve caught a few of your cam shows here and there, and just thought I’d check out your site. I always thought you were cute and a VERY good cosplayer, but after reading about some of your background, I now know how much of a damn hard worker you are and just a cool person in general. Anyway I just wanted to drop a comment to say keep up the great work! 👍


  64. I don’t know where else to ask this so I’ll just leave it here. Would you be interested in going to Anime Expo 2019? And if so, would you also be interested in cosplaying as a Fate character for one day and hanging out at the Fate cosplay meetup? This will be my 4th time going, and my 2nd time actually cosplaying. This year I went as Joe from Megalo Box which was really fun to do, and for 2019 I want to go as Ozymandias from Fate/Grand Order. I know you’ve said that you want to cosplay a Fate character before, so I figured I’d ask even if it is a longshot. Also Merry Christmas~

    • Thank you so much for the offer and for taking interest, unfortunately I can’t just take up a random request and commit a cosplay and an entire day. Usually when I cosplay for cons, they are my pics and I have my personal reasons for doing them that are important to me so cons are an opportunity for me to do that. I don’t mind people coming up to me and saying hi though ^_^.

  65. Hi. I saw a couple of you videos and I just loved them and you are sooo CUTE! I saw you first on YouTube but I didn’t knew you did camshows (not judging though). Just keep doing what you love and we will keep supporting you and have a Happy New Year.
    One question: I’m a gamer myself. What kind of games do you play?

    • Thank you for those supportive words ^_^
      When I have the time to I tend to play fighting games, mainly Tekken 7. Other than that I also play action rpgs (third person real time, not turn based), and mobas on and off.

  66. PEW PEW…Came across you on YouTube and have been watching your vids. Saw a Tim’s in one of them lol. I myself am also in Canada. Near Toronto 🙂 Read here about camming but have never seen you on cam but I wanted to say great job with YouTube and hope to see more from you soon 🙂

  67. Never knew your struggle. Now I have a more complete view about you and what you have gone through. Before learning this blog I knew about you in cam only. That distant feeling is nothing comparable to your video sharing your past here.
    I don’t know what do say but I sincerely hope you could find the path you want. After all, we only live once.

    • Apologies for the late reply and thank you so much for the sincere message. Yeah, it’s what I always focus on doing. I just want to enjoy life the way I want to and accomplish the things I want to.

  68. Hi Lana! I’ve began to promote you about 6 years ago. Then we talked to eachother some words but not too much. I’ve missed two years but I’m promoting again. You can read a bit more about me on the link I’ve given here. You are so exclusive that I’d like to promote you for free egal what are you doing. So I need only your permission to use your public photos on the internet with your links. Write me please an e-mail with your asks and terms I’ve got only one term: I don’t pay for it anybody. But I did it for you full free.
    Thanks for your answer in advance
    George (György Molnár)

  69. It is impressive, sorry my English, wool on several occasions you say that you have no talent, not giving up is in itself a great talent, I liked your story a lot, and I wish you to prosper, there are many shy and outgoing people who feel better through a screen.

    luck in your projects and kisses from Spain

  70. Love your work Lana and thank you for sharing your struggle to reach this point. You’ve done an amazing job through so much adversity. I look forward to watching your continued success as a lifelong fan.

  71. Hi lana~ I have been your fan for years~ Which game are you playing recently? And will you continue your vlog? But anyway, I just hope you stay healthy and be happy everyday,that is the most important thing^_^~We will always support you

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