Here are some quick basic pieces of advice every cam girl should follow, especially if they’re just starting out or if you’re thinking of becoming a cam model.


  • Do not beg for tips/tokens. It’s one thing to remind the chat of the goal but please, never beg for tips. It’s silly and counter-intuitive in the first place.
  • Do not, under any circumstance, trash talk another model. If they trash talk you or incite anything concerning you, simply address the situation (if necessary), and then kindly move on.
  • Do not resort to going into another cam girl’s room and trying to poach her viewers and/or tippers.
  • Do not resort to advertising in another cam girl’s room.
  • Do not act as though you are entitled to being tipped. Being a cam model does not entitle you to other people’s money. Tokens are tipped at the discretion of the viewers, whether it be for a specific flash, performance, goal, or out of appreciation, but by no means do you have the right to get angry or blame them for not tipping. The ones demanding or requesting without tipping are a totally different story.
  • Do not leave for extended periods of time. As a rule of thumb, the maximum time you should be away from cam should be no longer than a bathroom break.
  • Do not risk your account getting banned on the site you are broadcasting on by breaking their rules. Read the site’s rules thoroughly (you might want to read their TOS as well) and do not attempt to stretch what’s allowed without confirming with their support staff first.


  • It helps to have some basic plans prior to your broadcast sessions. Have goals and other activities in mind to keep the viewers entertained. This is even more true if you are just starting out and still gathering your first set of viewer base.
  • It’s always good to get to know your fans. I personally find it fun and more rewarding of an experience as a cam girl to connect with your viewers beyond that of just erotic performances. I’ve even made some good friends with a few throughout my first year :). Try to find time, either in between goals or after your performances are over right before you’re about to log off to spend some quality bonding time with them.
  • Having a tip menu laid out in your profile can help give people a good starting point to what they can tip for as they work towards your main token goals. It is advisable to keep it to only short term activities such as flashes and teases.
  • Talk to your viewers, don’t just sit there waiting for tokens. Entertain them based on whatever approach you have decided upon, whether it be teasing or having a topic to discuss (or both).

General Advice:

  • If there is a cam girl you like or find interesting and want to talk to her for whatever reason, do not enter her broadcast room while YOU are currently broadcasting. You risk being perceived as a poacher or as someone trying to cleverly advertise yourself. Either wait until you are done broadcasting to contact her or use a different account in a different browser. Personally I sometimes ask my most trusted mods :). It would also be courteous to keep comments to tip notes so as to minimize interference with her chatroom while helping her get to her goal simultaneously
  • Camming is just like any other activity, whether it be business or sports or any passion one would take seriously, therefore it is important for you to take care of it in every way you can. This means not looking for shortcuts or looking for the easiest way to make money. As with anything else in life, it is those that are truly sincere at their craft and care about giving high quality performances that continue to be successful for a long time. If a viewer tips for something that was agreed upon, please do not look for ways to deliver the bare minimum, give them the best that you can do.
  • While some women have their specific reasons for the need for anonymity (friends, family, school, etc. or just general privacy), every model or anyone thinking of becoming one should keep in mind the inevitability of your real identity being discovered at some point in time, whether it’s from some stalker on the Internet who did his research or someone you know in real life recognizing you. For me, cam modeling is a lifestyle. I have fully embraced it into my life and have no fears concerning my real identity (I have already publicly discussed my real name in a few of my broadcasts). It is something I plan on doing for quite a long time, as well as expanding upon. I love entertaining viewers, and being someone that gets a sexual thrill from being an exhibitionist or from strangers seeing me, I wholeheartedly enjoy my camming, therefore I think every cam girl should find a reason to as well. That’s what careers are all about, making a living off something you enjoy doing.
  • Don’t avoid social networking. I had no use for a twitter prior to camming, but consider it your best friend now that you’re a cam girl. With it, you can notify your devoted fans of when you are going to be on ahead of time, or when you aren’t going to be on. Viewers like to be informed, make it easy on them to make decisions ahead of time.


  1. If I went into camgirling as a Trans-girl that wants to keep there male genitalia will it be too hard to Cam successfully ? or would the niche help, I am a bit worried it will prevent me doing what I think I want to do.

    • It’s definitely a smaller audience, that cant be helped, but it doesn’t matter either. There may be hundreds of millions potentially in reach of a cis-girl but she’s never going to pull in every single one. Keeping that in mind, there’s more than enough (millions) who are interested in trans-women. The rule of numbers allows a trans-woman to be just as successful as some of the top cis-women out there in the industry, she just has to be surgically accurate with audience target. An extremely attractive cis-woman isn’t going to do well at all if she doesn’t properly do audience targeting. Thank you for asking here!

  2. What cam girling websites would you recommend for starters?
    I already do alternative modelling under the name Vic__Sin via instagram so I already have the starting of a fan base but I’ve never done camming x

  3. Hi…how do you actually insert a token menu into chat? For example, 20 Boobs, 40 Butt, etc. I’ve searched everywhere regarding this process. Does this menu recur periodically or is a command required to insert it each time? I hope you know what I mean. Thankyou!

  4. I have seen girls begging for tokens a lot on But, what a lot of camgirls don’t know is MFC isn’t a very good place to start for adult camming. In fact, it’s probably the hardest place to start camming.

    Also, I have talked with lots of cam girls that really got mad about another girl coming in her room and trying to advertise themselves. It’s almost like a slap in the face to be doing a show and then some other cam model comes over and wants to take your viewers.

    I bet you have dealt with this problem many times before!

  5. Hello lana, I hope you don’t mind me asking but where did you go to make this website? I’m wanting to make my own but I don’t know of any good places to make one. Thank you for your time. ^^

    • My website is custom made on a virtual private server. You can look for any VPS host of your choice and work from there, but it’s a bare bones server so keep that in mind….

  6. Hi, we are a couple new to camming. We were just wondering if you had any advice about audience targetting I.e. what our best target audience would be, and what kinks/fetishes/niches would be best for us to revolve whole or partial broadcasts around. Any other advice you could give would be greatly appreciated as well. Love your cosplay and material! Thanks!

    • Good question! Let me give you guys a full answer tomorrow after I’ve gotten some sleep. I don’t want to give people a halfassed or shortened answer just because I’m sleepy xD, so please come back once I’ve responded in full ^_^.

  7. What are the dangerous of becoming a cam girl? (Like laws, people, experiences…etc?) Also, must camgirls expose everything? Due to being shy myself, I’d know I would need some buttering up before I could go to that length.

    (Sorry for such basic questions but, I did see your interview on Facebook and it got me curious! 🙂 )

    • Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Dangers or things to keep in mind are: People possibly mailing you stuff without your permission or visiting you/stalking you (although I’ve never had someone do that except the mailing me a cake without my permission part), people you don’t want knowing you’re a cam girl will eventually know or have a high chance of knowing the moment you’re even slightly successful, it’s a little long winded to explain your profession when the realtor or landlord asks what you do and continues to ask for details when you’re trying to get a new place, among other smaller things. You don’t have to expose everything, if you mean go nude no you don’t. You can definitely be super successful just being a non-nude model but that takes a lot of finesse in other areas. I just prefer this way because, well, I’m lewd 🙂

  8. Hello you don’t know be but I follow you social media and I love you personality. I am a male student and I want to start camming for fun and was wondering if you have any advice for someone wanting to be a cam guy and wanting to get into cosplaying? I know that it would be very difficult and that there is a smaller market. A little more about me is that i’m not a typical guy and that I am a bit shy and that I would say I have a slightly more feminine side. I love all types of anime. I would love to know your opinion and advice on it. I would as love to be able to talk more about it but I am broke but try to support you the best I can. Sorry this is long but, Thank you for your time from your busy day and keep up the amazing work.

  9. Hello Lana, I luv your videos!
    This is just an idea I’ve been toying with, but I don’t know how well it would work for me. What do you think about cam-boys (cam-traps)?
    I luv dressing up and playing with my toys. I want to make my own homemade videos, like you, but suddenly I started wondering about being a cam-trap. Are there enough people that would like that, you think?
    I know it’s something I should really think about before I do it…
    You’re a major inspiration to me, even if I decide not to do it.
    Thank you!

  10. Hey, Lana! I have followed your story since I saw your interview on Vice. I think you are very brave and I am glad camming has allowed you to support yourself and be happy. <3 My girlfriend wants to start camming and I totally support her, I even plan to help her film, network, fix her hair and make-up. I want her to be as successful as possible. Is it a good move to start off with kind of an alter ego that leans to a certain fetish like DDLG or Kawaii? Or would it be better to start off more general and go from there? She wants to include some role-playing elements into her camming. Does that kind of thing go over well? Thank you for any advice you may have ^-^.

  11. how do you do audience targeting as a cam model? I can’t ever really find cam model specific advice out there for this kind of thing. Thank you!

    • Find out what you want to sell, like what kind of theme or set of kinks you want to specialize in and focus on it. Make sure it’s all things that YOU like so that YOU don’t get bored and you’re more motivated to get up every day and work hard at it. Understand your audience that likes those things too and over time tweak it and evolve it to their liking, because in time, you’ll evolve in how you like it too.

  12. If I went into camgirling as a Trans-girl that wants to reassignment surgery would it affect my camming? I am a bit worried it will ruin my career.

    • It depends how you want to market yourself, as a girl and go stealth, or as a trans girl? If so, do you want to market yourself as a trans girl post-op? You just have to market yourself towards your goals 🙂

  13. I have heard you say that starting out on CB is easier and better for newbie cam girls than starting out on MFC. Why is that? I love MFC’s overall vibe and look compared to CB (they both are awesome I just for some reason really like MFC more) and I am thinking about being a cam girl in the near future but I really wanted to be on MFC. Now hearing a veteran cam girl who is super successful such as yourself say that is not a wise choice is giving me serious second thoughts lol. Could you elaborate a bit more on why you have this opinion. Love you Lana you are QUEEN!

    • It’s because of MFC’s camscore feature. It’s not good for someone who’s just starting out to start on a site that’s really competitive. Sometimes MFC won’t let you make a new account later on once you get the experience you need to take control of your camscore.

      Also, thank you ^_^

  14. Hey Lana!

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions. You’re really kind and genuine!

    So you can tell me if I’m off base here, but from what I noticed, traffic is pretty much a game changer with making money during shows. One time I had a freak thing happen where I had over 900 people in my room ( i usually only get like 100-200) and all of a sudden, tokens started flowing in much easier. it was such a big difference from 100 to 200 people in my room. While I know it’s not the end all be all, higher traffic makes a difference from what I’ve seen. So my question is, how do you drive more traffic to your room? Where should I look to learn more about driving traffic to a cam room? (I stream on chaturbate btw). Anything you have to say related to traffic would be helpful <3. You seem to be quite good at this! Thank you Lana!

    Have a great day!

    • For me, traffic is now something that I can pretty much easily summon up but that’s mainly because I am now a known “brand” for lack of better wording. It’s really just consistency and persistence. Back in my first year and a half camming, I use to go on for 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, almost without fail, regardless of how slow it is that day or even if nobody is tipping at all. I did this because I wanted to generate awareness of myself to as many eyes as possible over a short period of time (aka 1 year and a half) to create a dense interval, and then give them my best work as I go along. It’s important to show people that you can evolve as well, so that they know that there’s always a future you they can look forward to.

  15. I don’t have a question but I wanted to say how much I admire your worth ethic. Also your kindness, sharing your insight with others despite the fact that you have been attacked by some models throughout your career. Very admirable. I don’t always agree with your opinions (on social media) but you are definitely genuine, sincere, kind and brave. You definitely deserve what you’ve achieved in life.

  16. I plan on keeping my day job but i would really like to make porn clips or try camming. How negatively could these things affect my day job?

    • It doesn’t have to depending on what your goals and expectations are with your camming side. But please be aware, if you plan on getting anywhere big in camming, you have to tread with the caution that you might be exposed to your real life acquaintances and family members eventually. But, the good news is there are many who enjoy being a cam girl on the side while they have their day job so it is definitely doable. It’s not something I am personally experienced in since this is my full time career but this seems to be the general consensus. Good luck!

  17. Hi Lana. I am a beginner Cam Model and signed up with a studio, IM. I use Streamate and for the sites the studio recommends us to use. Do you have any advice on either of these sites and if they are a good fit for a beginner? You mentioned in the dont’s of camming, not to join another models room while she is broadcasting, on Webcammodels, their are rooms that are already set up and several models enter these rooms and broadcast together, is this the same as what you described?

    • I’m not familiar on a personal level with those sites. As for your question, if the stream is already set up to have multiple models be in the same room then I don’t see why it’s a problem as long as all of you agree on sharing those viewers.

  18. Hi I am beginner model in chaturbate and how many hours do you recommend to broadcast to be successful (p.s I am in college ) as I can’t really get on cam much but love to be there for long hours but alas can’t due to my busy time

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