Keep in mind that I only broadcast on MyFreeCams and Chaturbate, so my notes concerning Streammate, Cam4, and LiveJasmine will be very limited but I will do my best to give a general idea of what to expect on how each site works for those thinking of becoming a broadcaster.


++++MFC has been around for quite some time. MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, and Cam4 work very similarly to each other in that you dictate your own rates, prices for performances, goals, etc. You basically go on cam and can talk to your viewers who communicate back with you through the chatroom. I personally prefer this setup because it allows me to connect with my viewers. I can get to know them and they can get to know me. It’s no different than the Stickam and BlogTV days except you’re allowed to flash and masturbate on cam (haha =d).

++++Currently, MFC only allows women broadcasters. It has a Group Chat, Private, and TruePrivate mode. Group Chat mode is when you set a minimum number of viewers to pledge to a group chat, and once that number is met, only those who join in the group chat can view your cam and you can perform for them. They each automatically get deducted 10 tokens per minute until they run out of tokens or until they decide to leave. Private is when only one person can view your cam at a rate of 60 tokens a minute. During a private show, other viewers have the option of “spying” on your performance for a rate of 20 tokens per minute. Only the person who took you to Private can communicate with you. TruePrivates are basically Privates without the ability to be “spied” on and goes at a rate of 80 tokens per minute.

++++What separates MFC from the rest is that it has a camscore system. They use their own algorithm for calculating camscore (of which they prefer to keep secret) but it is generally the amount of tokens you have earned versus your total broadcast time. Simply put, the more tokens you earn on average per hour, the higher your camscore will be. I have someone who has done a fair share of testing and calculation concerning the camscore system and is willing to compile his own mathematical theories of which I will post up very soon for those interested in getting some insight into it.

++++Furthermore, MFC is by far the most competitive and rigorous cam site around to date. It is very difficult for most women to be successful on MFC in comparison to other sites. If you fail to “boom” in your first few hours of broadcasting on MFC (within the time limit for which your “New Model” tag stays) it becomes increasingly more difficult to gain viewers. There is a bright side to this competitiveness as the top MFC models earn an amount of money that makes the top earners on CB (myself included) seem poor in comparison. Someone posted a while back a graph compiled from “crawlers” logging token circulation within some of the most popular rooms on Chaturbate that showed me making the most, but as far as I know I would only be around rank 150 (which is still high, but compared to CB probably only the top 8 make similar earnings) on MyFreeCams. Yes, that is how competitive MFC is.

++++With that in mind, MFC is absolutely not the best place for the new and inexperienced to start off in (I learned the hard way xD). While I have no problems with the camscore system existing, as I agree that generally good performance should be rewarded, it does pose difficulty for me in connecting with my viewers over long periods without worrying about that day’s token rate potentially dropping my camscore. For those who will tell you that “camscore means nothing” allow me to tell you this now: they are talking nonsense. Considering that camscore is literally a calculation based on your token earnings versus broadcast time, it’s basically a scoring system showing how successful you are. Is it possible for a broadcaster to earn more in a month than another who has a much higher camscore? Definitely. But imagine how that was even possible. The only way that would have happened is if the lower camscorer was on for many many more hours in total than the other. Not to mention that your camscore dictates your placement on the front page of the site, which makes it easier to be discovered for having a higher score. It is true that different members will use different sorting methods in their settings and not all will sort using camscore, but the majority of both basic members and premium members will default to the camscore sorting method.


++++Chaturbate is basically identical to MFC in the general way it works except without the camscore system. This makes CB the best place for new broadcasters to start in. While MFC may give the highest potential in terms of earnings at the top end, CB gives far more exposure to the general public. This can both be a good and bad thing depending on whether or not you want to minimize the chances of you being recognized by someone you know. Like MFC, CB has the Private feature but no TruePrivate. It has a “Passworded Room” feature in which only those with the password can view. Unlike MFC, you can set the rate for your Privates and Spies.

++++CB is far less competitive and generally broadcasters allow other broadcasters to enter their room whereas the majority of MFC models (namely anyone on there who knows the basics of broadcasting on MFC) disable the ability for model accounts to enter their room. As a result, MFC has far less drama and potential for drama than CB. To be honest, I personally think it is a much more efficient system as even if a fellow model wants to contact you or another model, they can always initiate communication on Twitter. The more tedious path towards communication is outweighed by the overall positive fact that drama (from jealousy, poaching, ranting, etc.) is avoided.

++++What I like about Chaturbate is that I can fully spend time with my viewers without having to worry about camscore. Don’t get me wrong, as I said above I do agree with the positives of having a camscore system. Between having or not having, I would actually choose having, just not when it comes to getting to know the viewers and them getting to know you, unless tokens are coming in at a certain rate while discussions are going on of course, which only happens reliably to the absolute top ~100 on MFC anyway.

++++As I said before, CB will give you more exposure as their site and broadcasts are advertised on multiple mirror sister sites as well as on popup ads on tube porn sites. The generally higher viewer count per room on CB is also a result of having far less concurrent rooms on at any given time. This is good if you want a huge fan base really quickly. Keep in mind that most of the viewer traffic will be “greys” and guests, CB’s equivalent of MFC’s “basics” and guests. Greys are members without any tokens on them and guests are viewers who are not on a registered account. I personally value all competent viewers of mine, as they are still fans regardless. I was getting a sexual thrill out of flashing on Stickam and BlogTV before I became a cam model in the first place, and that was for free, therefore I am grateful I am even earning anything as a cam model today. Cherish your fans because they are what makes you who you are as a cam girl. CB is definitely the place to meet as many viewers as possible in comparison to MFC.


++++Cam4, once again, works in the same way as both MFC and CB in that you dictate your own prices, rates, etc, and mingle with a chatroom of viewers while you work on token goals for performances. I am not familiar with what different modes there are for their broadcast rooms as I have never broadcasted on Cam4 >.<

++++What I can say about Cam4 is that the traffic is generally a lot less than MFC and CB. The token conversion rates are not the same as CB and MFC, with 100 tokens being cashed out by performers for $10 instead of $5, although tokens cost twice as much for your viewers to purchase at a rate of 0.20 cents per token instead of 0.10 cents (all of this is before discounts are added for bulk purchases).


++++The only thing I know about Streammate for sure right now is that you basically sit in a chatroom like the one you will be in on MFC, CB, and C4, except you have to wait until a user is interested in taking you into a show with them for a certain rate. This sort of setup is not my thing as I prefer to get to know my viewers instead of sitting there to strictly trade sexual performances for money. Besides, I get more of a sexual thrill when it’s open to the public :).


++++All I know about LiveJasmine is that it works very similar to Streammate in that you wait for an interested viewer to initiate a private show with you.

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