1. can you please tell me what kind of dildo this is and where can I get one ?!?! haha I can’t find them on amazon please help a fellow camer ^=^ thank you for reading <3

  2. Dear Lana,
    I had a sexy dream that I would like to see turned into a video. I know you probably don’t take requests and I really should limit my spending on videos since college. However, I thought you should hear it. Perhaps it would work for your demographic. I’d definitely buy it anyway.

    So in my dream I was a teenager again, weird already I know. Anyways, I was a teenager and my mom set me up with a babysitter. She was from my class and was planning on going to anime con the following day. She was putting the finishing touches on her costume and decided to try it on for me. When she showed me I tried to hide the fact that it turned me on but I couldn’t hide it from her. She noticed and begin to fondle my boner over my pants. Sadly, I woke up from the dream there. I really wish there was an ending perhaps you could come up with one. By the way I really enjoy your POV riding videos. Thanks so much for your time.

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